“I am not the president’s lawyer.” declared Merrick Garland.
It's interesting that Biden's Attorney General nominee says he's not Biden's attorney.

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Conservatism is simple and makes sense: Progress relies on the deaths of old people.

stayed up all night watching three Korean movies. fantastic

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BBC is "walled",declared government-controlled media in China. My question: Has BBC ever been unblocked?

In proportion to the strength of a feeling is the tenacity with which it clings to the forms and circumstances with which it has even accidentally become associated.

It is both a discouragement and relief to realize that I'm just an ordinary loser.

I'd prefer not to label or categorize people. For example, I would not say "You're stupid because you're a Trump supporter." Instead, I would say "You're stupid."

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I’d recommend Mastodon if you’re deep into programming or IT because it is full to the brim with computer nerds. […]
But if you’re looking for a casual way to meet new people, I’d look elsewhere.


China's Political and Judiciary Commission has publicly expressed concerns about domestic violence, commercial surrogacy, among other things. However, the public expression is a sinister indication, because the commission is a party suborganization instead of a public office.

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Why don't I try only ENGLISH postings here at Mastodon? Non-native English speaker is trying.




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